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Lead your way through this atmospheric puzzle game as you explore the depths of this dark and dangerous graveyard,

You find yourself trapped and lost with no way out other than to appease the ghosts and collect the keys for your escape.
But be warned, the ghosts aren't the only worries on your mind. The graveyard is no place for a harmless child such as yourself.

Key features

  • 3 unique levels
  • open environment
  • text-less game mechanics
  • simple puzzles based on the players navigation
  • atmospheric lighting and sound

general info

Platform windows
Release date 25/06/2014
Price FREE

Contact & bio   

My name is Brianna Fromont(aka. catty), currently studying my first year at Media Design School, working through my Bachelor of creative technologies.

I myself have worked on digital art for 4 years now generally focusing on the use of colour, light and flow. This is my first occurrence with using this art to create an interactive experience in which Nightingale was found. As it is my first game I do want to work towards a more polished outcome.
Feedback would be great if you have any.

email Brianna_Fromont@hotmail.com

More information

Published Jun 22, 2014


nightingale_alpha_0.2 5 MB